Rainbow Bright

I love rainbow order. Maybe it's because I grew up in the '80s and there seemed to be a preponderance of rainbow stuff then. I don't know, but rainbow-y things make me happy. Crayons, embroidery floss, prisms, it's all good. At my old job I asked our intern to create a new file system for tracking a grant program. We had some color-coded labels to work with and she asked how she should arrange them. "Rainbow order," I replied, and I was shocked and dismayed that she didn't know what I meant! After explaining the perfect aesthetic and gentle logic of ROY G BIV, she saw the rainbow light, and I continue to employ rainbows in my life and crafting when ever possible. That's why I knew it was only a matter of time before I followed my sister Abby's lead and did this:
I only did my books, as I was daunted by sorting the kids' books that are on these shelves. I lurrvvve it, it makes me smile and is surprisingly easy to find the books I am looking for. My favorite colors of books are red and orange. Most of the gardening books are green, and there are surprisingly few blue books. Also hanging on the bookcase is a fresh bunch of lavender that I am drying and an art quilt that Laura made. The kids' books are still unorganized, I want to sort out the fiction and nonfiction first and maybe just leave the nonfiction books on these shelves. I have piles of my books scattered about the house, and I need to clear a bit more room for them. Avery and Julian didn't seem to mind that their books weren't organized.

Avery is almost 18 months and we used to read to Julian all the time when he that age, I am glad that he seems interested as well, though he certainly isn't getting as much board book action as his brother did. Oh well, listening to the big kid books and homeschool reading lessons are ok too!