Swing and a...

Hopefully at least a pop fly good for second. The Stitch and Pitch entry is submitted with 13 minutes to spare. Laura was inspired by what I came up with yesterday and made a little felt wallet to go with the ball. She says, "I have distinct memories of looking at, sorting, and trading your shoe box of baseball cards with Mandi. I have relished the brown and orange color combo of the Padres(?) with a 'so bad it's good' sentiment since I was a kid, plus I had these naturally dyed scraps around."

Since I mentioned in my previous post that a driver's license wouldn't fit in the little bag, she made a wallet that looks like a pack of baseball cards, and I must say, we are both pretty tricky, check it-
I think the Padres were actually just yellow and brown, but they always were my definite least favorite team, because of their colors. Yellow and brown certainly do NOT have much panache for a baseball uniform, but they look great here, and her "pack of cards" has the feel  of my baseball cards from the 1980's. Here is a shot of the inside of the ball, with the super-magnets enclosed in felt scraps:
Those magnets are really strong, they kept pulling my needle out of my hand as I was sewing! The first time I sewed them on, I just tacked the felt pieces in place since I wasn't sure it would work, and the pull of the magnets pulled the stitches right out- yikes! I used a leather shoestring for the strap, as it reminded me of the lacing on baseball gloves. (Props to Strider for the idea!) It's just right, not too fussy. Here is a shot of the ball by itself.
We'll see how we do in the contest, but we may have to make more crazy deadlines like that for ourselves, it was fun to work together and get a project done so quickly, and the  creative synergy is awesome once we get rolling. I named the project, "Double Play" and it's pretty corny, but not nearly as bad as some of the other names Michael and I were coming up with. Once you start thinking about it, baseball terms are a rich source for bad word play!