You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

I remind myself of the wisdom of this age old saying when contemplating a two dollar ziplock bag of lengths of ribbon, seam binding, old zippers and other untold wonders at thrift stores. You can't make something out of nothing, I think, snatch that bag of "art supplies" right up! I guess you weren't asking me to help justify your supplies, you need a storage solution. OK, I'll get to that, let me answer some of your questions first...

I must say that I adore my studio. Since we (and by we I mean Strider) actually built the room onto our house for a dining room, and I took it over in a bloodless coup, it is not the studio of my dreams.  It is a room of my own, which is a heck of alot more than I used to have. The struggle to keep it tidy is ongoing. I have the big cabinet from the Berea College Surplus auction full of small boxes of odds and ends; acorn caps, glitter, empty film canisters (I know you mock my film canisters, but they are so handy and soon to be obsolete.), beads, old zippers, and on and on... I have the shelf rescued from the clutches of McMahan's dumpster that is overflowing with fiber, supposedly current project stuff only. Under my big work table, other than my filing cabinets, it's anyone's guess. The majority of my fabric collection is in totes in the attic. Some areas of my studio are very tidy.....IMG_25551

 (My desk looking out over our patio and backyard. I envision myself sitting here working contentedly, pausing to wave at my kids as they do some really imaginative play out there...this has not happened yet.)


Others, not so much...

 (This shelf is supposed to hold materials for current projects ONLY. OK maybe it can also house appealing things that I want to use sooner rather than later, after all I can't remember everything I have squirreled away in the attic, right?)

I think you do need your own space, both to store your sizable collection of fiber, and to have your own dedicated work area, even if you do end up knitting in the hammock. It has got to be very frustrating to have to dig every time you need to find something! One room would give you the space you need to have it all together.

 Now, onto what I did today. Blithely ignoring the crunchiness under the high chair, I needle felted this little guy, a gift for Michelle's blessingway. (With Eli's help I might add. Thankfully, he quickly moved on to other things. )


Please forgive me, I just had to photograph him on my shoulder. His eyes are beads, and his beak is watercolor paper, I stitched them on and then hid the knot on the back of his head under a little more blue wool. his legs are made of brown thread wrapped wire for flower arranging. I was inspired by the birds on bitter betty's blog, and just happened to have the lovely rainbow palette of peace fleece and felting needles just lying around. I am totally bringing the materials to do more needle felting on our trip. We are going to be fighting over who has to drive so the passenger can work on projects. I am sure you pack your knitting needles first.


I know this post has a photo sideways, and I couldn't figure out how to link directly to bitter betty's great blog, but it still represents a tremendous leap in my technological aptitude. I am determined to get involved in the  blog community come hell or high water, so please bear with me!