What's that quote about genius and chaos?

Hey Laura- I know that this is where we are going to share our clever projects and creative hang ups, but I want this to be a place where I gain inspiration to do really tough stuff, really stretch my creative limits. For example, I could use some input on this, the challenge I created for myself when I was looking for a knitting pattern I had oh-so-foolishly scribbled on a little scrap of paper:


I don't know why I don't have a better system, any system for storing my crafting supplies. I love knitting in the hammock and sewing on the dining room table, so I know I don't really want a studio, but I need something better than this explosion of fibery tangle. hmmmm. Do you find your studio a comfortable place to work? Or more a storage space for your art supplies and ephemera? I've got to figure something out, and have been looking around the web to see how other crafty people organize their stuff.

I love to see photos of other people's work spaces, and found some that were already in a group over at the Make It blog. There are also photos of some nice spaces on Flickr, and I hope to check them out and gain some motivation to organize my supplies.

But, rather than working on this daunting project which would mean also tackling the wall of boxes in the "guest room," and possibly moving large pieces of furniture, I employed a strategy that has served me well in the past. I ignored the problem. Instead, I hung out laundry on the drying racks and thusly felt especially virtuous as I knit on the porch.

I am working on refining the pattern of the little felted star and am going to attach some mirrors to it, I think, before felting. I am curious about how the stars will take the dye, post-knitting, and am also thinking about experimenting with dying both pre and post felting. For now though, I will be doing this:


I am using "Ethan" yarn from Kraemer Yarns. It is a single ply yarn that is loosely spun, and the swatches that I felted looked just right for this project, fuzzy with zero stitch definition. If I am felting (ok, I know it's actually fulling...) something, I can't stand it when the stitch definition is still there, or if the piece doesn't look like a solid piece of fabric. That's not the case with "Ethan," this yarn will work out just fine. What do you think a good "star" dyestuff will be- osage orange? I would like to have different shades of yellow. Hmmm, four more stars to go and then I can do some dying.