We want a pitcher, not a belly itcher

Well, I haven't exactly been a belly itcher lately, but haven't been getting much crafting time in the last few days. Inspired by the Craftzine and TNNA Stitch N' Pitch contest and the last minute deadline- tomorrow at midnight, I got down to business this afternoon. I am not totally done with it, it needs a fastener and wrist strap, but it's a little baseball bag.


The project guidelines specify the projects must "center on the theme of baseball." I was brainstorming ways to make something that represented a baseball, but then had the idea to use an actual baseball for the project. I have always wanted to cut open a baseball to see what's inside anyway, so the project was satisfying in more ways than one!  (It looks like it's just a lot of string wrapped into a ball, but I didn't investigate further....) After I cut it open, it was two figure eight pieces. I added felt for lining and stitched it back up.

I am thinking about using those snazzy super magnets for a closure and not sure how to do the strap, I want something simple and not too girly. I may skip the strap and just have the "ball" be for make-up or smaller stuff in a purse. I originally thought it could be a little bag to hold your license, some cash and lip balm, but a driver's license won't fit in there anyway.


The ball is lined with Laura's felt which works perfectly as it doesn't need to be hemmed and it gives and flexes with the leather, instead of wrinkling and gaping like cotton might. I used two different colors of embroidery floss that I waxed by running over a chunk of beeswax. The ends could be tied off a bit more neatly, but over all it looks pretty tidy. I am pleased with it.


I have to go into town to get the super magnets, so I am going to move onto finishing the tulip air-freshener for my car tonight. I bought some pretty gold jingly things (like the silver ones I used on the star) this afternoon and all I have to do is stuff it with herbs and attach the leaf and tassel. Here's where it's at right now:


I am thinking about borrowing a swivel from Michael's tackle box to attach the leaf and tassel to the tulip. I am not sure how much I like that light pink addition on the  tulip, but it needed something else there. I am going to use some gold foil from a candy wrapper or something for the top of the tassel, because I call upon the wisdom I gained in eighth grade from Sarah Buchanan- that gold and silver most emphatically DO NOT match. I wonder if that is still true today. Anyway, we'll see how it looks all together when it's done.