Mary prefers silk

katiehere.jpgI committed to help make a nativity set for our church this year. I was worried that I would not get it done in time for Christmas, but after a day-long crafting blitz, I have something to take to church on Sunday: 

They are made from a simple Waldorf style head on a cardboard cone body with wool-wrapped wire arms. I used some nice hand-dyed pink silk for Mary's dress and felted wool sweater for Joseph's cloak. They are not dolls to play with, but "figures" for storytelling and decoration. Julian is campaigning for the three wisemen too, but I don't know how much more time I can spend on this project! I was thinking some needle felted sheep would be fun. Here's a closer look at Mary and Jesus:

One of my favorite things about these dolls is their size. Mary is 15 inches tall! Joseph is about 16 inches. I have some old barn wood that I am going to use to make a simple stable, but right now it has snow on it! Julian is delighted that last-night's snow stuck around on our north-facing hill.