My commute

laurahere.jpgAs I drive into Berea I love to enjoy the scenery of the Red Lick Valley. Rolling hills, farms, and woods steam past. (There are lots of place names around here that end in “lick”. Sounds really strange until you are informed that a lick is where salts and minerals seep out of the ground and animals gain nutrition by, well, licking them up.) Yes, we commute an hour each way at least twice a week, but Eli, Isaac, and I use this time to talk, tell stories and sing. If the boys fall asleep, I love to listen to NPR, daydream and think. Recently, I was cruising down a straight stretch and noticed a big raptor sitting on a branch, glowering down into the dry ditch, just waiting for some small mammal to cross into its line of vision. I actually stopped and backed up to get a closer look. I watched him for a few moments through the passenger window before remembering my camera was in the passenger seat. Putting the window down to get a better shot annoyed the bird; he looked at me and lazily flapped away. What a special pit stop.