Advent set up

katiehere.jpgWe started decorating for Christmas today.  I found an advent wreath for the table at a thrift shop this summer but we didn't have any nice candles to fit. So I melted some beeswax,


We dipped and dipped,


And set up the wreath on the table. The angel band that Laura made me last year was just the right scale for the set up.


Please ignore the piles of stuff on the buffet, things are piled up all over the place at our house right now. Instead of worrying about that, I am focusing on this circle of calm and beauty on the middle of my table and hopefully that will radiate out to the rest of our Christmas preparations. As the fair trade shop I manage is gearing up for the holiday, I feel like I am getting on the on-ramp for the freeway when I would rather be bumping down a gravel road. I am trying to remember that simple rituals and small things are what make holidays special and even though I don't have time to transform our home and Christmas gifts into a natural-smatural holiday extravaganza, I can add bits of meaningfulness to every day.

On that note, I wonder if someone will share any blessings they say as they light the advent candles? We have some that came with the wreath, but I am interested to hear some variations.


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