More gnomes...

katiehere.jpgSo you know that saying about a picture being worth a thousand words? Well hopefully this one little photo and few lines of writing will do for today, we're only a week into NaBloPoMo, but I just don't have a big post in me tonight. I do have a photo of these gnome babies that I finished this morning-


 They are made from felted wool blanket, stuffed with the wool from Chastity's sheep and their faces are tea-dyed cotton knit. Their little "belts" are scraps of different colored yarn. I know I am forever asking for feedback, but I haven't even run these by Laura yet, and am curious to know what you think about them. I am worried they might be too strange and amorphous, but I like their starry eyes and floppy bodies. This particular one is a bit low waisted, I need to fix him, the others are split about in the middle. They are 9 or 10 inches tall.

I am also working on a bunch of tiny gnomes made from wool scraps and clothespins, but may have to actually do something else tomorrow, like laundry, I think everyone in my family would appreciate some clean socks!  

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