Shopping and sewing

katiehere.jpgI was looking for some new fabric the other day, and I always like to check out "The Attic," a good thrift store close by. Last time I went there I found 2 blanket sized pieces of wool (!) and a great piece of white knit fabric to make waldorf dolls. This time, Julian, Avery and I found a bunch of good stuff, but no fabric. I like the way The Attic sets aside holiday stuff and puts it all out together, and this was the first time I checked out their Christmas goodies. I found a handmade sequin and bead ornament for my  mom who collects them, some ribbon, books, a pattern, a stocking kit and some gift tags. Here's a shot of everything:


Today I stayed home all day, which is very rare these days, and worked on finishing some projects. Here are some dolls that are heavy (rice and lavender filled) babies that are swaddled up tight. I came up with this design and am pretty pleased with how it turned out. Avery loves them and it's so cute to hear his little voice say "he-avy" when he gently picks one up. They seem to make kids want to snuggle or something, both Avery and Julian hold the doll like a real baby as soon as they pick one up. "David," Julian's waldorf-style boy doll does not always get such careful treatment as he is swung around by his arms!


I also finished up some knot dolls and stuffed cats- here is a shot of everything together- kinda jumbled, not much photo styling going on over here today!


I also finished three big Shaker cheese style baskets today, they only needed rims.I don't think they are well-crafted enought to sell, but it's nice to finish them up, now at least I can use them for storage! I came up with a pattern for a largish- maybe 9 inch or so, waldorf-ish gnome  baby made from wool blanket that's all sewn in one piece with an applied face. I have 10 of them almost done, and wanted to show them off tonight too, but I am too tired to finish them up- tomorrow!