Work Space

laurahere.jpgI love to set up work spaces. Lately I've come so far as to call them studios, which is kinda scary, almost like being able to call yourself an artist. (Luckily I am finally able to say that without apologizing...) One of my favorite work spaces was very short lived, but just as much fun to plan for and create as it was to use. When we were growing up our parents and the four of us kids spent a wonderful week or two each summer in 1000 Islands Canada. (Yes it really IS a real place! Apparently, the salad dressing was created there.) We shared a huge "cottage" with 8 bedrooms, and a walking bridge to another tiny island which housed the boat house, with another family who was friends with the owners. Our time at The Willows was magical, and left a lasting impression on each of the members in our family. Kate and I often shared one of the upstairs bedrooms, but a couple of years I got to have one of the downstairs bedroom to myself. The room's ceiling and walls were sheathed in pine bead board, aged to a dark amber and was simply furnished with a double bed, a dresser and a chair. ( It also had a couple of fake flower arrangements that I always stuck in the closet for the duration of our visit to preserve the simple dignity of the space. Really, if you are on an island , and your room has beautiful views of woods and water, do you need that sort of embellishment?) My favorite feature of the room was its large bay window, or is is bow? Anyway, three windows joined together with a wide wooden bench under the sashes. I found a card table folded up in the utility closet and placed it in the center of the windows. I had brought a few simple drawing and crafting supplies with me and set them out. I remember sitting around that little table with some of the other kids painting with watercolors.I had also brought a  plastic model of a jeep to assemble, which did not go well, as I recall. What a special time, I wish I had a picture of that "studio"!

Much more recently, When Katie and I visited our parents and sister in Pennsylvania this summer, we stayed in a 2 room out building on their farm that Strider and I turned from a shed into a habitable space. Called the washhouse, at one time it housed a large hearth with kettles for heating water, to, well, wash stuff. While staying in the washhouse we set up this work space:desk.jpg

The shelf is made from a wooden soda crate turned on its end, with each of the openings holding a "drawer" made from a paper french fry tray. (We bought a bag of 500 or so at a paper outlet, just because they looked so cool, and handy.) Much of the supplies were thrifted, or borrowed from our sister Abby, who most recently inhabited the wash house, and left a closet full of great stuff behind. For additional storage how about a thrifted sewing box, filled with thrifted crafting stuff:


We actually got to use this space a bit during our visit, and luckily we got to leave it set up so it will be there for us next time we go up there! I can't wait for January....