The Cute Army

laurahere.jpgWell, as Katie has mentioned, we are furiously preparing for a bazaar. My cute army is taking shape with a battalion of 20 snowman:


Feeling intimidated by their icy glare?

These guys are about 2" tall. They are stitched of cotton/poly batting, stuffed with wool and rice and then tied around the middle to make them appropriately plump. A coat of fabric stiffener gives them a bit of firmness and then a roll in mica glitter complete the snowy illusion. Of course those are painted toothpick noses and acorn cap caps. The strings coming out of the top are for hanging, but I prefer the way they look standing. It pleases me to make something tiny that can stand sturdily. Oh, and the scarves are hand painted silk ribbon from Dharma Trading Co.

I also have musical angels on the brain, inspired by a book illustrated by Elizabeth Orten Jones. Here is the back cover:


Kate has done some sleuthing and found this company that has to have made the figures that the books illustrations were inspired by. Drawing on the illustrations in the book, I made an angel band of felt for Katie for Christmas 06, and thought it might be a good project to revisit. The angel brigade of the cute army under construction:


The heads are acrylic painted beads, with glittery yarn halos. Arms and necks are pipe cleaners, with hands wrapped like felt wee folk. The robes are undyed 100% wool felt. The wings gave me fits, I tried stiffened felt, glitter covered paper, nothing looked right. I finally remembered what I made Kate's of-vellum. Instruments are painted watercolor paper. I didn't document the entire process, but ended up with 12 angels - lost 2  along the way to Eli's own crafting endevors. (He painted his own face, complete with eyebrows and nostrils...)


I intended to sell these as individuals, but they really look cute as 4 groups of 3 don't you think?