Painting leaves

laurahere.jpgI'm temporarliy switching gears and painting house blessings today. These are inspired by traditional Pennsylvania German Frakturs. Frakturs are illustrated folk art celebrating births, baptisms, weddings, etc. They are usually rectangles, with the occasional circle or heart. I got to use a die cut machine this week and did a bunch of leaves with Arches 140 watercolor paper. Very inspiring.


This is about 5" long, done with watercolors and prismacolor markers. My boys played happily for quite awhile, I got an unusual amount of work time in. Hurray!

Eli, hard at work painting the "outsides" of the leaf cut outs:


Isaac, thouroughly enjoying playing with rice I have in the studio to stuff things with:


OK so its 1:30 and they are still in their jammies, sometimes you've got to let stuff like that go and just get busy if everybody is happy!


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