Treasure at the Laundromat

laurahere.jpgThere is a friendly little Laundromat in Berea that I visit when our spring stops flowing on us. Yep, there is no city water where we live; it’s either catch rainwater off your roof or find yourself a spring. (For some reason, wells in our holler produce salt water.) Luckily we have a spring on our hillside that flows into a cistern buried behind our house. When it is really droughty, as it has been here for months, we get little more than a trickle. So, I occasionally go to Beth’s Laundromat. It used to be Jack’s, but Jack sold the business to Beth and she has done what she can to charm up the place. She has added fresh paint and a nicely stocked corner for kids to play. I know you’re probably wondering when this antidote is going to get blog worthy, and I am almost there. The coolest new decoration by far is a mini clothes line strung over the dryers complete with tiny clothes pins holding tiny clothes. On closer inspection I realized the clothes were Barbie clothes! Perfect!


Thank you Beth, you definately made my wash day brighter!

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