Just add water

laurahere.jpgI’ve been feeling the Christmas spirit and am enjoying working on gifts lately. I gotta say, I feel like I’m ahead because it isn’t even December yet and I already have gifts for 2 people done. In general I am very much a last minute gift crafter. Last week I did a few house blessings to barter with the coordinator of Eli’s cooperative preschool and it inspired me to make a couple more for gifting. Painting these is a like doodling, fun, and a nice change from working with all things fibery.


Yes that is mica glitter on the edges. Too much? I think not. Now, if you are familiar with traditional Pennsylvania German frakturs you would know that mine are, ahem, straying a bit from the confines of the traditonal craft.(For one thing they are written in English..) Luckily, my frakturs are not monitered by the Fraktur Police, so I can embellish all I want. My desk lately:


I've found it works well to have two or three in progress simultaneously. Also shown is my little Windsor and Newton watercolor paint box that has turned out many a fraktur, and part of my new to me paint box my mom thrifted for me. Quite a leap in the color choices!