My house this morning

laurahere.jpgThe mica encrusted paper morivian star (ok actually a great stellated dodecahedron) I made yesterday from the pattern in AG Smith’s book Cut and Assemble 3D Geometrical Shapes is drying in my studio doorway.


Also drying is the spackle in the boy’s room we are adding on. (1 bedroom house + 2 parents + 2 kids = insanity; its been clinically proven.) Thanks to a generous input of time and materials from my parents the boy’s room now has a ceiling and walls, hooray! Some people shop on black Friday, Strider and my Dad hung drywall. (I was up early the next morning, spackle knife in hand.) I love this part of building projects, almost done! (And I can do spackle, sanding and painting myself, no more hounding Strider…well, not for this project anyway.) We are hoping to have them moved in by Christmas. Very optimistic, but doable, I think.


And finally, Eli is helping himself to cinnamon sugar to top his breakfast biscuit.


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