So. Cute.

katiehere.jpgI love our local bookstore, Robie and Robie's. They sell used and new books in a lovely serpentine, over-crowded space. The fair trade shop I manage shares a building with them and we even have a walk through to their shop. I am forever getting distracted (is it my fault that the gardening books are on the way to the coffee maker? No, it is not.) and I love to see the new arrivals, piled temptingly around the back office.

This morning I found this  book:


That's a tiny image, sorry. It is a pattern book for a knitted farm, family and animals. They are knit on 2 to 3 mm needles and start with a simple chicken and proceed to more complicated sheep, cows (with udders!) and horses. I was so pleased! The little animals and buildings are my favorite- so sweet! Even though they are knit using tiny needles and fine yarn, I think they would be totally do-able for Christmas gifts (why no, I haven't made any gifts yet) for my family. We'll see. I don't really have any appropriate yarn, and probably won't be able to find yarn like this locally, I am going to research on the web a bit to see if anyone else has been knitting these figures lately and what they have used.