Etsy stalling

katiehere.jpgWe finally took photos of some things to list on Etsy for the holidays. I have been dragging my feet getting this stuff listed. I think that once I have an idea, figure it out and make something, my energy is gone for that project. My mind is already flitting on to something else before I snip the threads from my current project. I haven't been taking the additional step of listing things for sale, even though that was one of my intentions this fall. Taking photos with Laura  this weekend renewed my excitement about these projects and being away from them for a bit allowed me to see them with fresh eyes. I am proud of these ideas and really like them all!

Here are a few of the things I  hope to list this week (some of them will look familiar to regular blog readers.)

First is the heavy baby I designed. I am working on coming up with a pattern for this doll as well.


Here is one of Laura's climbing gnomes- I love his beard!


Oh my goodness, I think the drummer in the angel band is too much- she's gettin' down!

Lastly, here are three pinecone gnomes, whose creation started my crafting blitz this past month.


 We have kits almost ready to list for the pinecone gnomes, I just lack some fresh pinecones.

Procrastination works well for me most of the time- I just procrastinated actually listing stuff by chatting about it here, and will definitely work on Etsy listing this week to avoid something else like housework or my "real" job!