What a Doll - Grand Finale

 laurahere.jpg I've made finishing my doll a priority and she has come together nicely as a result. I can't live my life with my artwork at the tippy top of my to do list, but it works great in short bursts! I really struggled with the dress, but had planned  to make a cape from the beginning and figured it could hide the shortcomings of her dress. The cape went together really quickly. I sewed it by hand, I am really enjoying hand stitching lately; it really doesn't take too long and it seems like it makes "softer" edges than a machine. The cape is made of a nice linen cotton blend dyed with indigo. Here she is empty handed, while her baby gets swaddled:


I wasn't happy with the way the earth baby looked wrapped up in muslin, too flimsy. I had some soft wool flannel and stitched it on very carefully to  make it look casual! A second piece of wool laid over the top of the bundle finishes it off.


Her hands just wouldn't "hold" the bundle as tightly as I wanted, so I stitched clear through her body, through the baby and made one tiny stitch per hand, buried in the crease between two fingers. It worked great, holds her earth baby in place and now she looks a bit more life like. One more image of the finished pair:


She is surprisingly tall, probably 14 inches or so. I'm still knocking around title names, maybe "Mother of Earth"? too corny? This has been a really enjoyable project, something really different than anything I've done before. I have also enjoyed documenting the process here. Thanks for reading!

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