Four boys, one turkey and two hats

katiehere.jpgWell, I sure can get a lot of knitting done when I don't have anything to do but cook and eat and there are friendly family members to help out with my kids! I finished Le Slouch, and my suspicions were correct- I don't think I can pull it off. It's a tiny bit too big, and feels fiddly to wear and keep on. It's a good pattern, it's just a case of me not really thinking critically about what I was looking for in a winter hat before casting on. Someone suggested running some clear elastic thread through the ribbing to make it tighter, but I rather than force it, I am just going to make a different hat. I also made a tiny pilot cap (scroll down to the very bottom for the pattern.) for a friend's new baby who should be arriving any day!  The pattern was expensive, but I fruitlessly combed the web for a free pilot cap pattern last year, and am pleased that I bought this clever pattern. I am going to make one for Avery soon, maybe tomorrow.  I am loving the Peace Fleece that I have been  knitting with and have the yarn to make myself a sweater, but feel like I need to get some more good knitting momentum before I start a big project like that.