What a Doll-Part 3

laurahere.jpgI got to work on my indigo project doll a bit today. Although making doll clothes is proving that I am no tailor, I am pleased with her progress. Katie and I were not into dolls as kids, maybe we are making up for that now. She is a regular doll making factory. After stitching the doll’s head to a torso, I had to decide what to do with her bottom half. I originally imagined her seated; but I decided she would have more of a presence if she was standing. I made a simple cylinder and stitched it to her torso, stuffed it firmly and stitched a circle of stiff card board in for a firm base. In the following picture, I have just pinned her freshly minted arms with big ‘ol hands to her shoulders to see how they look.


For a skirt, I gathered a length of silk, dyed with indigo of course, and pinned it to her waist. (I wish I had some dressmaker’s weights to put in the hem of the skirt so it would hang nicer.)


So far, so good, but next I had to deal with the bodice. I cut a rectangle of silk up one side and a small oval for the neck. I laid it over her shoulders and trimmed the bottom edge, turned it under, and stitched it to the skirt.


Doesn’t she look chillin’ with her hair put up? I pinned it out of the way to work.

To put off doing the sleeves, I needle felted her baby earth. Eli was super interested as he always is when I bring out those super sharp implements, and he started an earth of his own. For some reason, he is convinced I am going to make a doll for him when this one is finished, following that logic he insisted he needed an earth too….


I swaddled the baby and pinned all the components together to get an idea of how things are coming together. I am relieved I haven’t messed this up too badly, but am going to save her sleeves for another day…


I wanted her to be gazing at the earth baby in her arms, but she isn't, I guess she wanted to look elsewhere.