In fall, a young woman's fancy turns to...

katiehere.jpgIt's finally fall. After a long dry summer, it's been raining and getting cooler. We had our first hard frost this week and the view from our house many mornings has looked like this-


I guess it's hard to tell, but a full half of the hillside is still shrouded in mist and fog. It's lovely. For me, cool weather means cold feet and though I have knit the fantastic Fiber Trends clogs for many other people in my life, I don't have any felted slippers.(I made myself a pair from yard sale wool that was apparently superwash- doh!) I didn't have time for knitting some up right now, my tootsies needed some quicker warmth. I had been trying to draft my own pattern to sew a pair of slippers, but it was not going well. I found this pattern on Martha's site and used a cheap sheepskin from Ikea for the bottoms, and felted wool blanket for the tops. They are great and took all of 30 minutes to whip up.


I was planning to blanket stitch around the outer edge to tidy that up a bit, but once I tried them on to see if they fit, I didn't want to take them off. They are very cozy, and I am pleased that I can scuff around on the new floors in comfort. Here's a shot of the wooly goodness inside:


I finally ran out of wool for stuffing, so Laura and I and all our boys visited our friend Chastity this week to buy some wool. We had a great time talking about our crafty projects and the kids had fun playing together. Chastity has all kinds of fun animals: a parrot, dogs, guinea pigs, horses, but best of all, sheep! She has some Leicester Longwools that generously provide lots of wool. I bought a 7 pound fleece which filled a black trashbag about halfway. Laura bought bibs and bobs of all kinds of things, dyed roving, raw wool both "vanilla" and brown, and long wooly curls for beards. The "before" photo of all our wool is on Laura's camera, but here is my "after" shot of the wool.


That's not a great photo, the wool is really very nice. I almost hate to use it for stuffing, it would be so nice to spin. I can't get over the staple length! Washing the mohair from my goats was a frustrating endeavor, as mohair is notoriously hard to get all the way clean, so washing this wool felt like a breeze, and it's always so magical to see the heavy, stinky (in a good sheepy way!) sticky wool change into something clean, fluffy and creamy white. I love the process. I have already used about 2 pounds of the clean wool to make waldorf doll heads and am excited to share the new design I have for a baby doll. We are still chugging away making things for the bazaar, it feels like a deadline in college or something and I am calculating the remaining hours I have to work, how much more I have to get done, etc... It's really fun though and I work best with deadlines anyway, that pressure is great sometimes.

ETA- about the title- it's wool! When the weather gets cooler, I can't stop working with, coming up with projects for and generally messing with wool!        

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