My technology Wasteland

laurahere.jpgI don’t want to bellyache too much but Kate recently told me I should post about my technology issues, that it might be an amusing antidote. As we have mentioned, we both live in rural Kentucky. I am pretty far out and overall there are a lot of things I like about living where I do. However, where I live has proved to be a complication since starting this blog project with Katie. The best and only internet we can get is dial up. We’ve got a super slow why-do-I-even-pay-money-for-this-connection. I have not been able to post to our blog from home. When the phone man came to move our phone line when we started our house addition project, I was making small talk and innocently asked, “So do you think we will be getting DSL anytime soon?” He literally laughed at me, and said it was going to be quite awhile, don’t hold your breath. Oh, OK thanks for the update, phone man.

The valley (or hollow/holler as they say out here…) we live in; technology wasteland:


Luckily, I’ve got a laptop, which I always take with me when I leave the house, hoping to get a post in somewhere. I often go to the public library where I can get online, but they are not always open when I have time to work. Berea which is an hour away has a couple of free wireless options which I take advantage of when I am over that way (Berea is where Eli’s preschool is and home to several family members and friends.) The closest town to my house is Irvine, a tiny little berg that has a several stores and gas stations, a library, a Chinese restaurant, and most importantly, a McDonald’s. Now while I avoid eating at McDonald’s they do have wireless internet. For $2.95 you can get online for 2 hours. This has been my on ramp to the information superhighway for the last several weeks. It works well, other than having to drive 24 miles round trip for 2 hours online. Another downside is that I have become a bit of a regular. When I recently went through the drive thru to get some biscuits for breakfast one of the workers spotted me through the little window and hollered “Hey Laura! Where’ve you been? Haven’t seen you around lately!” Kinda embarrassing, but until I come up with a better solution, I probably will continue to be a regular at the Irvine, KY McDonalds.