What a Doll- Part 1

laurahere.jpgI mentioned my trip to Arrowmont and the great class I took with Akira Blount in figurative expression a while ago. I’ve finally got to try out some of the techniques she taught to make a piece for the indigo project show. The show goes up the first weekend in December, so I really need to book it. I imagine creating a quite literal representation of a woman caring for the earth. I am working on creating a female figure cradling a swaddled bundle that looks like a baby, but when the viewer peeks into the baby’s face it is actually a (needlefelted?) earth. The imagery is inspired by the tradition of Madonna and Child sculptures. The mother will be clothed in flowing indigo blue garments, thus the visual link to all the other indigo project participants’ work. I am looking forward to seeing this show as everybody’s work comes together.

Here is the first step of a doll’s head. Tea dyed tee shirt fabric is sewn on the sewing machine for the head and neck.


The head is then stuffed very firmly with polyester fiberfill. Eyes and the sides of the nose are penciled in.


Tiny stitches begin to sculpt the contours of the face. You have to be careful not to distort the shape by pulling too hard on the thread.


After all the needle sculpting is finished, the neck is attached, and then the neck is stitched to the body form. The face and neck are brushed with fabric stiffener. (Sorry for the blurry photo.)