To do...

katiehere.jpgAdmittedly, I am at a bit of a loss here content-wise, as I would not be posting if it were not NaBloPoMo. I am using this post as an opportunity to list some of the projects I want to do in the upcoming year. I hope to gain focus and maybe have a bit of accountability since now at least a few people know what I hope to be working on after Christmas!

By this time next year I will have:

1. Processed and spun a whole wool fleece, ending up with useable, normal weight yarn- no novelty chunky stuff, which is my current output! 

2. Tossed fabric or yarn that I am keeping around just to fill up my stash. If it's not awesome, I will chuck it!

3. Organized my embroidery floss so it is not an expanding tangle of colors, as it is now.

4. Made a straw hat or bonnet. (I know, it's crazy, but I can't get it out of my mind!)

5. Built a dollhouse using alternative building techniques, like cob, mini strawbale or cordwood. For me, not my kids ;)

6. Made a quilt or duvet cover for our bed, a lone star design.

7. Taken a class or learned more about making split white oak baskets.

8. Had my sewing machine tuned up.

9. Made flannel pajama pants for my kids.

10. Figured out a good use for the vintage rick rack I keep buying obsessively. 

How about you? What are YOU going to do? Laura will be back tomorrow with actual crafting that is going on presently.