You've got to be in it to win it

laurahere.jpgOur baseball bag collaboration turned out to be one of the winning projects in Craft’s stitch and pitch contest! We just got a great prize package of the first 4 issues of Craft magazine, a cute tee shirt, a pair of knitting needles, a knitting novel, and an old school fanny pack that I want to wear, but Katie and Strider won’t allow it. (How handy it would be to have my hands free to hold a toddler, shop, pick out library books, and not worry about having to hold my wallet! I can think of many times it would be useful, however I defer to my fashion advisors.) Hurray, its fun to win stuff! Thanks Craft!


In other news, Duo Fiberworks has a photo credit in the Nov/Dec issue of Organic Gardening Magazine! Our sis Abby, who writes and blogs for OG wrote an article about black walnuts in which she mentions collecting walnuts with me to dye with. They used my photo of a stack of naturally dyed felt to accompany the article. Thanks Ab, Christa and Gavin!


I recently got word that this piece was not accepted in The Dairy Barn Arts Center in Athens OH Beyond Basketry 2008 show. I really don’t have much experience showing my work at a regional/ national level, so I was not surprised. However, I really feel passionate about this art work and hope that I will find a venue that does too!


"pour me out-fill me up"  8"x6"x6":wool felt, ,muslin, embroidery floss


Detail of pitcher. These pieces are hand stitched with seed stitches through 2 layers of muslin and an interior of wool felt. The felt and the stitches give them a rigidity that is suprising. I'm planning to post my artist's statement regarding these pieces and my "bottles". I could really use some feedback/constructive criticism!