Gnomes to Know

katiehere.jpgI have been preparing for a bazaar. Not an ironic, cool one that they have in places like San Francisco or Austin, but a sincere, honest-to-goodness bazaar that will probably have women selling little bags of "snowman poop" and the like. I am actually excited about it, and Laura and a few friends and I are sharing the table fee and plan on selling things to raise some Christmas spending money. Laura has designed a snowman tree ornament that is covered in mica flakes and is really very cute. She is upping the cuteness ante and I was up for the challenge this weekend. I have been obsessed with making all sorts of gnomes for this holiday season and am enamored with the vintage pinecone ones- My always-thrifting mom found some just like the ones Hillary at Wee Wonderfuls posted about a while ago, and that style was my is inspiration. Here's the shot that was on her blog post-


I think they are really sweet, but honestly find the faces a bit creepy. But then, I am a clown-hater and there are similarities there. In my research, I found other pinecone people. I like these carolers- not the clown, of course:


And these skiing girls- what is cuter?!! 


 But- have to stay focused, and the first thing I wanted to come up with was a good gnome. Yesterday it was a lovely fall day, cool and sunny, so our whole family took a walk in our woods and I gathered pinecones from the Virginia Pines in an only slightly-obsessed manner. (I cut 175 - you really to have to cut them off- they are prickly!) The woods are great this time of year. I am ashamed to say that I don't think I entered the woods for the whole month of July, but this time of year, I could spend all day out there, puttering around. Here I am gathering fern fronds for another project. Julian is lopping some branches for walking sticks.


All told, we also gathered maple twigs, pine branches, bones from a small dead animal, tulip poplar and beech leaves to press, dried moss, quartz geode pieces, cedar wood pieces and acorns. It's fun to fill my crafting larder with things from right outside, I would like to be mindful of other gifts the woods and meadow may have for crafting. Kentucky is having a severe drought this year, and it has affected the acorn crop- there were not nearly as many as we usually see. Not to worry, we left plenty for the squirrels, and I mostly collect caps only. Here are the pinecones-


As a precaution, I baked them at 300 degrees for 30 minutes to kill any beasties living inside, and then came up with this-


I really like him. I like how he has some of the Waldorf doll aesthetic too. Any thoughts or ideas to make him over the top, heartbreakingly cute?? Here's a side view.


And here's the back-


Julian thinks he needs a backpack, which I actually think is a great idea. I have plans to make a girl gnome with braids. I made 20 for the bazaar and was thinking about listing some on etsy. For now though, I think I will post my first tutorial to show how to make him- coming soon, maybe tonight depending on the fates and Avery's sleeping schedule!.