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laurahere.jpgLast week I went to a barn sale that a friend, Connie, and her family were having. The barn in question had been home to a woodworking shop of Connie’s dad before he died. Strider’s birthday was looming with no thoughtful gifts in sight, so I went looking for some chunk of rusty metal…He loves that kind of stuff. The day I went was the last of the 4 day sale, and before the sale even started most of the tools had been crated up and sent to a woodworking school in Honduras ( Isn’t that so cool?!). So my hopes of old chisels or draw knives were quelled, but we still had a nice time visiting with Connie, and her mom and kids. Me and the boys still managed to find a bunch of stuff; a couple of picture frames, kids books, a box of assorted staples for the staple gun…and a wooden box full of springs:


What more could you possibly want? Aren’t they lovely?

As I was leaving, I spotted a couple of boards of lumber leaning against the barn, with a note: “ask about rough cut lumber in the loft”. So I did. Turns out Connie and her husband had a portable sawmill come to their farm several years ago and had some trees that were at the end of their lifespan sawed up into lumber. It has been drying, neatly stacked, in their hayloft ever since. As we went up the rickety stairs, I caught sight of several piles of white oak, cedar, walnut, cherry were tucked under the eves. Now I don’t think I have mentioned this, but Strider is a forest ranger. He likes trees, and wood. He also is currently working on or scheming about several building projects. I talked him into going back the next day and talking to Connie’s husband Rob about the wood, and we were soon the proud owners of FOUR pickup truck loads of lumber for $150. I had visions of wood flooring dancing in my head, but it turns out there isn’t quite enough of one kind of wood to do our 350 square foot living room. Also, while it is very dry after drying for four years, rough cut lumber is, well, rough. It would require a lot of work to create smooth, square flooring out of rough cut. Strider is thinking; shelves, rustic benches, and our new woodshed….First we needed to get all that wood home.

The next day was Friday, and also Strider’s birthday. He had already requested the day off, what he didn’t know then was that we would spend the bulk of the day pitching lumber out of the hay loft, stacking it in the truck, carefully hauling it across the county, and then unloading and stacking it at our house. (And by “we” I really mean him, although I did help as much as the boys would allow.) By lunch time we were getting mighty hungry and just happened to be going past the Burger Barn on our way home. The Burger Barn is a great drive in that makes really tasty fried food and hot dogs. And while I know “no one cares what you had for lunch”, I must share my enthusiasm for this junky yet delicious fare:


Trucks full of wood. Just look at that wood! The possibilities are endless……


Since I stupidly waited till the last minute to get birthday gifts for the love of my life, and the rusty metal didn’t work out, it was time to make something for Strider. (Why do I do this to myself?) He has really gotten into fishing this spring and summer and I had already bought him a couple of books on this topic, what could I make in this vein? Well he recently lost his favorite lure; so naturally, I decided to recreate it out of wool.

I just got some new felting needles when I went to Earth Guild in Asheville NC at the end of our Arrowmont trip:


(that is our dining room table, an art room table rescued out of a dumpster, I am working on because being in the studio draws kids to my side like you would not believe.)Next, I made a oval-ish blob:


Ok really wishing this lure I am recreating was more colorful. Eyes help:


To recreate the shiny scales, I decieded to unleash my secret crafting weapon: MICA GLITTER.How about a couple of treble hooks made of trimmed pipe cleaners? I'd bite it:


If I was a fish that is.

Strider loves his new/old lure, it is hanging proudly from his truck's rear view.

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