autograph set


Holiday visits and parties are the perfect opportunity to collect signatures, poems and drawings in an autograph book. Who could resist signing their name with a flourish when wielding this amusing felt quill pen?

Hand sewing needle
Sewing machine
Pinking shears/pinking rotary cutter
Hot glue gun

Wool felt-The colors listed are the ones I used, of course feel free to mix things up, just be sure to have the sizes of felt provided.
White - 11” x 5”
Yellow - 4” x 3”
Fabric for cover - 4 ½ ” x 19 ¼”Fabric for detail on cover- 4” x 3”
Embroidery floss-to match quill pen, and cover fabric
Autograph book -3 ¾” x 5” (If you can’t find autograph books locally, they are available at
Printed  “Autographs” label Small amount of wool or polyester stuffing
Ball point pen

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